Tight shots of Jenna’s brows : lighting for video

So approaching lighting for video using two DSLR cameras is somewhat similar to setting up the lighting for studio portraits. For lighting my partner Jenna Kieser I wanted high key lighting with two lights directed to the back wall and a soft box off to the side. I also played around with visual variety and had a medium, tight and super tight shot with the two camera set up! I had my interviewer chair close to the key light so that Jenna was looking toward the light as a more flattering lighting situation. And I had the two video cameras pretty close to each other so that there wasn’t a stark contrast in the angle of the shots. I made sure the audio levels during the interview where between -12 and -6 and I cleaned up the audio a little during post production by normalizing in Audition and also a little natural noise reduction by gathering a sample (during moments she and I weren’t talking to get room noise) and then noise reduction so that it was cleaner and didn’t have a distracting humming noise.


What advice would you give your past self before starting university if you could go back in time? Jenna says being patient is part of the process especially when it comes to finding your group of friends at school. For a reflective question I felt it appropriate to set up the lighting with high key lighting. I also didn’t want her looking off frame but rather looking slighting off the camera so that it wasn’t direct uncomfortable eye contact. That being said for some of the tight shots of her eye and side of her face i thought a more direct angle was ideal and more dramatic. The high key lighting is also reflective of Jenna’s personality and suits her well. And the tight shots of her eye, eyebrow and side of her face as well as the tight shots of her fidgeting fingers show aspects of her personality, mannerisms and body language to give you a better idea of who she is.

Watch a studio interview video of me on Jenna’s blog




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