That fill flash though: balance and fill single flash

Normally as a photographer you aren’t looking for harsh lighting or weird indoor lighting situtions, but here we are, scowering for some direct harsh shadows and tricky lighting. Overall learned at lot and I’m starting to appreciate my strobe more!


Dan Baker, head mechanic at Custom Complete Automative in Columbia, MO, has been a car mechanic for 5 years. “I grew up taking things apart,” Baker said. “I enjoy knowing how things work.” © Whitney Matewe


Extra Image (fill):

Paul Newcomb plays an original song ‘Happy Face’ while sitting outside Kaldi’s Coffe in Columbia, MO. Newcomb has been playing the guitar and songwriting for 19 years and ‘Happy Face’ was originally composed in the summer of 1992. “June 1992 was a good month,” Newcomb said. “3 good love songs come out of there.” The first line of the song starts “I’m so happy my face hurts..” © Whitney Matewe


I’d say overall, fill and balance isn’t bad, but I think balance is more my jam so I need to practice more fill in my spare time and get better at it.


Whitney Matewe



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